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07 Mart 2023

/ by Bisikletli Gazete

17 Mart, Cuma akşamı, Kuzey Londra’daki Fieldseat/  KitapEvi  Kafe’de, gazeteci, hikâye anlatıcısı, yazar Tony Howson’ın organize ettiği, şair, yazar ve müzisyenlerin de katılacağı etkinlikte, Türkiye’deki depremzedeler için para yardımı toplanacak.                                                                                      


6 Şubat 2023 tarihinde Türkiye’de ve Suriye’de yaşanan deprem felaketinin yaralarını sarmak için İngiltere’de de birçok sivil toplum kuruluşu çeşitli yardım kampanyaları düzenlemeye devam ediyor. Bu kampanyalardan biri de 17 Mart, Cuma akşamı, saat 19:00’da Kuzey Londra’da yer alan Fieldseat Kafe’de gerçekleştirilecek. Gazeteci olarak dünyanın 100’den fazla ülkesinde görev yapan yazar Tony Howson’ın öncülüğünde gerçekleştirilecek olan etkinliğin birçok katılımcısı bulunuyor.

Para yardımı etkinliğinde caz, blues ve country müziği yapan That Blue Patch ve Four Fethers gruplarının yanı sıra şair ve müzisyen Leyla Aslan, şair ve hikâye anlatıcısı, aktör ve çocuk kitabı yazarı Felix Hodcroft sahne alacaklar.Gecede ayrıca Londra Bendir grubu da bir performans sergileyecek. Açık mikrofon kuralının uygulanacağı etkinlikte dileyen kişiler performanslarını sergilemek için sahneye çıkabilecekler.

Tony Howson, yardım kampanyasına ilişkin yaptığı açıklamada şunları söyledi: “Bu organizasyonun öncelikli amacı evsiz kalan insanlara onurlu bir şekilde yaşamlarını devam ettirebilmeleri için para yardımı toplamak. Ama aynı zamanda Londra merkezli tüm bağış toplayıcılarına yaptıkları çalışmalar için teşekkür etmek ve onları acilen ihtiyaç duyulan para ve malzemeleri toplamaya devam etmeleri konusunda teşvik etmektir. Etkinlik aynı zamanda bir şeyler yapmak için didinenlerin yaşadıkları stresi paylaşmalarına da bir vesile olacak. Böylece komşularımıza, dostlarımıza onlarla birlikte olduğumuzu gösterebileceğiz.”  


Tarih: 17 Mart 2023, Cuma

Saat: 19:00

Yer: Fieldseat/ KitapEvi Cafe

Adres: 665 High Road, N17 8AD

Etkinlik tanıtım videounu izlemek için tıklayın!

Fundraiser to support earthquake families – Friday March 17

A strong and diverse line up of talent has been selected to support fund raising for the Turkish/Syrian earthquake appeal.

This edge-of-stadium concert starts at 7.00 pm, and, says organiser Tony Howson, everyone taking part is an energetic headliner, creating an eclectic mix of music and spoken words.

“The music ranges from traditional Turkish drumming, to rock, blues, jazz, folk and beatbox. The spoken word is a variation of poetry and storytelling, some in English, others in colourful splashes of Turkish and Kurdish language. So there will be a variation of theme and pace. But it all works towards one thing.

“This event is designed to raise funds for the earthquake region, so people can get help and maintain dignity after such a traumatic event. It has cost a lot of lives, it has meant people are homeless and unable to live normal lives. Livelihoods have been destroyed. We want people to come out of this with dignity.”


Taking part will be:


The London Bendir Group – From Turkey, based in London, a popular group of drummers and their teacher. They do this because they love it.


The Four Feathers – Based in South London, they play original protest music, inspired by classical, roots, reggae and rock. Guitars, drums and bongos – what more could you want.


Four Fethers

Ruth and Dave make up the popular North London duo, That Blue Patch – More jazz, blues, roots, country sounds. Not all played at the same time, but they make good use of Guitar, Ukulele, Irish Bouzouki, Banjo, Voice, Saxophone, Melodica, Accordion and Percussion. Their songs go back to the 1920s and onwards towards modern times.

That Blue Patch

Leylâ Aslan is a Kurdish and Turkish and English speaking Becsktashi Darvish  published poet and musician. She came to the UK in 1985 as a political refugee. She is currently concentrating on poetry performance but also plays the Saz – a form of lute.

Multifaceted Felix Hodcroft is a poet. He is also a performer. And a director, editor, publisher and teacher. He is based in that hidden artistic jewel of the Yorkshire coast, Scarborough. He has also been a regular visitor to Turkey.

Felix Hodcroft

Meet Tyler the WizRD, part of the art of the award winning BAC Beatbox Academy at London’s Battersea Arts Centre. He toured nationally and internationally as part of  the centre’s show: Frankenstein: How to make a Monster.

Tony Howson comes from the UK but lives in Turkey with his Turkish family. Their holiday home is currently being used as a transit point to help Earthquake survivors pause, settle and decide their next steps with dignity.

 He is also a performer, poet and storyteller, photographer, journalist, musician and organiser of this fund raising event.

He said:” There should be something for everybody during this event, and from all aspects of it there is an experience to be had.

“But the aim is to say thank you to those who have worked hard to raise support for those caught up in these tragic events, and, to raise some more money so that lifeline can continue.”

He added: “I look forward to seeing you at 7.00 pm at Fieldseat / Kit@pEvi on Friday March 17. Make it a good night out, all join in. These have been traumatic times, for those inside the earthquake zone, but also for the families, friends across Turkey, across Europe and in London. So we take a deep breath and plan now for the future.”

Tony Howson


The pain of Turkey and Syria’s earthquakes have shaken North London. Eighty per cent of its Turkish-rooted community is estimated to have been directly impacted by the shock.

Many have lost loved ones. Many have family and friends left homeless. Overall, more than 48,000 people were killed. Millions are said to be in need of humanitarian support.

Turkish-owned Fieldseat organic café and shop has opened its downstairs theatre doors to a fundraise to support the earthquake survivors.

Event organiser Tony Howson – whose family is Turkish – said: “This event has four purposes. The first is to continue to raise funds to help those people left homeless, so they can survive with dignity.

“But also it is to say thank you to all the London-based fundraisers for the work they have done, and, to encourage them to keep on raising money and supplies that are so urgently needed.

“Fundraising is demanding but freely given. I think I also want this event to help those who have been effected, those trying to do something, to share the stress they are experiencing.  And for others who are their neighbours and friends to say we are with you.”

The event will be help on March 17, starting at 7.00 pm.

It will feature London duo That Blue Patch, playing jazz, blues, country and roots music; the four-piece band Four Feathers;  poet and musician Leyla Aslan, Tony Howson, musician, poet and storyteller, and poet, actor, children’s book writer, Felix Hodcroft. There is also an opportunity for those who want to stand up and perform to get behind the mic.

17 March 2023, Friday, 7 pm.

Fieldseat/  KitapEvi Cafe, 665 High Road, N17 8AD

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